How to Have a Relationship and a Career

Jennifer Petriglieri, associate professor at INSEAD, studied more than 100 couples where both partners have big professional goals. She finds that being successful in your careers and your relationship involves planning, mapping, and ongoing communication. She also identifies different models for managing dual-career relationships and explains the traps that couples typically encounter. Petriglieri is the author of the book Couples that Work: How Dual-Career Couples Can Thrive in Love and Work.



Enhancing INSEAD’s strength: INSEAD’s Global Women in Business Club

One of INSEAD’s core strengths is its diverse community. Students are encouraged to understand different perspectives and are offered tools to thrive in an ever-changing global business ecosystem through a curriculum that leverages personal differences and conflict to achieve intellectual and professional growth. Alumni continue to strive to be effective leaders in their chosen field and to advance their professional and personal goals. Most alumni rely on their INSEAD experience and alumni connections to support their ongoing efforts.

At INSEAD “I found my people”
INSEAD’s community is unique. As one of nine distinguished alumni panelists who shared a round of special toasts to INSEAD at the Global INSEAD Day celebrations in New York City on 12 September, alumna Ripa Rashid MBA‘00D shared that at INSEAD “I found my people”. This statement was met with a collective nod in the room of about 140 alumni. If that sentence resonates with you, it may be because you too found your people at INSEAD, through a uniquely diverse community that fit your specific needs.


Building Gender Balance Through Behavioural Design

Motivated by many conversations with global business leaders working toward creating gender equality and gender balance who are struggling along these lines, we at INSEAD’s Gender Initiative ( are investigating solutions ourselves, and watching for others’ rigorous scholarly work. Thus, we were delighted to host Professor Iris Bohnet on our Singapore campus. She presented insights from her book and current work with organisations, and we share a few highlights here. This article is co-authored by Clarissa Cortland, and it is published on our Knowledge website.

What can organisations do when changing mindsets isn’t enough?

For advocates of workplace gender balance, one of the chief obstacles is the immobility of mindsets. Regardless of our intentions, traditional stereotypes about how men and women work dwell within most of us and can affect our decision making without our necessarily being aware of them. And because unconscious gender biases often have deep cultural foundations, they can be very difficult to shift.

MORE Philippe Mellier’s (MBA 80) route to the top at De Beers

Philippe Mellier’s route to the top at De Beers

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When De Beers was looking for a new chief executive in 2011, the most obvious qualification that Philippe Mellier had for the job was probably “outsider”. The world’s best-known diamond miner wanted to bring in a leader with a fresh perspective to prepare it for a new era. In Mellier — with 30 years in cars, trucks and trains behind him — the headhunters certainly found one. The 60-year-old Frenchman, then working at French industrial group Alstom, recalls plenty of industry scepticism about whether someone with no experience of diamonds or mining could sparkle in the role. Four years later, he has gone through big changes — including De Beers’ ultimate ownership — and has embraced the mystique of the world’s most coveted gemstones.



Q & A with Sir Winfried Bischoff – Leadership in times of financial crisis

On February 12th Sir Winfried Bischoff will speak to the INSEAD alumni community to share his insights and 50-years’ experience working in the highest echelons of the Financial Services industry. As Chairman of Lloyds Banking Group, Sir Win managed the company through its challenging post-2008 recovery phase. Sir Win will speak at an event of the INSEAD Alumni Leadership Group. “It is an enormous privilege for the INSEAD alumni community to benefit from the personal insights of a successful senior executive like Sir Win in a direct Q&A session” says Gaby Glasener-Cipollone, Sector Head of the INSEAD UK National Alumni Association Leadership Group.

Although not an INSEAD alumnus himself, Sir Win holds close ties to INSEAD having recently established the INSEAD Bischoff Family Endowed Scholarship to support future INSEAD participants from Southern Africa and South-East Asia.

The UK alumni association is the 2nd largest alumni association worldwide with 6,000 alumni. “INSEAD graduates now run many of Britain’s largest companies, major banks, private equity houses and financial services companies”, says Paul Skipworth, President UK National Alumni Association.