The impact of Covid-19 on your career could be significant. While we still envision and advocate for gender balance, we also support INSEAD women all along their career trajectory in companies of all sizes.  This month we are focused on providing short term support for the major shift in the business landscape and impact it could be having on your work. We think resources to support Entrepreneurial Ventures and Job Search are 2 key areas on which many of us may appreciate collaborating. Please email if you have specific, proven resources to share. Ideas welcome!


Job Search Resources

Visit INSEAD Partner School Job Boards

INSEAD has reciprocal agreements with HarvardStanfordLBS and Kellogg Business Schools, so our alumni have full access to their job postings, using a personalised username and password. Your subscription will last for a one-year period, and is renewable upon request.

Women specific resources to meet your specific needs

Entrepreneur Resources

Do you have or need to start your own business or consultancy and want support? Here are tried and tested some resources and ideas from INSEAD alumni. 


Angel Investor Networks Resource Pages:
More Incubators & Accelerators:
US Small Business Administration
European Small Business Association


Inspiration & Ideas 

Interviews w/ female small business owners (short & sweet) w/ Maison founder Ashley Wu HERE

Send us recommendations of proven resources that can assist INSEAD alumni to pivot, grow and thrive in their business at