The NEW IWiB Global Club Podcast

The INSEAD Women in Business Global Club (IWiB) is collecting stories and having conversations with women in business to inspire, inform and connect women and men who want to thrive in their careers and in life.

Check out the IWiB Global Club podcast HERE. Our new series kicks off w/ NYT and WSJ best selling author Kim Scott. 

Previously we interviewed Karen Hitschke, MD & Chief Investment Office at Yunus Social Business based in Munich, Germany. Karen talks about her journey to social impact investing, the importance of self-confidence, and a key message to a 25 year old who may not see what a late career executive can. With age and experience come wisdom…. and the confidence essential for success that our younger selves may have struggled to find.

With IWiB ExCo members Chris Thorpe, Founder, Brick Investment Partners and Liana Slater, Growth Executive &  Co-Founder, INSEAD WiB Global Club. Music by Patrick Prouty.

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