Meet our workshop instructors

Joachim Vandaele

Joachim has been building businesses for 20 years in financial services, technology, innovation and family offices.

He sees the economic fall-out of the Covid-19pandemic as proof that the current capitalist model is outdated, as it merely serves Financial, and not the scarcer Human, Social and Environmental Capital.  He anticipates a quick rebound of the technology-first businesses, and looks to try out new venture building models, geared towards greater societal impact.

He is currently Founding Partner of Future Labs & Managing Partner of Zephyr Ventures. At INSEAD, he is a Lecturer, Entrepreneur in Residence, and Startup Bootcamp Director.

Joachim has an MBA from INSEAD (10D), Masters in Banking & Finance from Ghent University, and a Master’s in Financial & Investment Management.

Ben Ling

Ben Ling has built more than 10 companies in architecture & construction, hospitality, real estate and private equity.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, he is finally learning the true meaning of empathy and is in the process of starting a food kitchen at his hotel in Bali that will serve up to 100 free meals per day to locals who have lost their jobs and are struggling to feed their families.

Ben is currently Founder & CEO of Equilibria Hotels & Equilibria Properties. At INSEAD, he is an Entrepreneur in Residence, Startup Bootcamp Director and INSEAD Venture Competition (IVC) Chairperson.

Ben holds an EMBA from INSEAD (GEMBA16), and a master’s in architecture from The Architectural Association in London.

Meet our mentors

Thank you to all the mentors, alumni and members of INSEAD community, who gave of their time to help the teams!!