The Mentoring Programme

As part of the iW50 initiative, the Insead UK Alumni Association are launching a UK Mentoring Programme to help women in current and potential leadership positions to manage transitions and further develop their careers. We are also offering experienced men and women the rewarding opportunity of becoming a mentor and helping others to fulfil their potential.

Our Mentors are eager to help you!

Our Mentors are highly experienced and connected professionals from a wide variety of sectors and companies, all ready and more than willing to support ambitious women on their journey

“My experiences with Mentees show that women benefit most when they have access to experienced and connected professionals, who can work with them to find their voice, their confidence and to understand how to own their story, past, present and future”.

“As a mentor I can offer an objective, non-judgmental, pragmatic sounding board to help think through complex challenges”.

“As a leader in technology and the father to two awesome women I am passionate about encouraging diversity in Technology. I would be delighted to support such a great initiative”.

“Our company has more than 50% female staff which is exceptional in the UK financial industry and we want to promote diversity in all its aspects in the workplace.  Very keen to actively shape diversity in the workplace by mentoring a female INSEAD alumnae who can hopefully use my humble advice”.

About the Programme

Who is The Programme for?

The programme offers opportunities for both men and women as mentors and for women as mentees. Mentors will help women manage transitions and further develop their careers. Those INSEAD Alumni interested in the programme can apply here. 

How will Mentees Benefit?

Gender diversity does not happen by accident or serendipity. Most high achieving women will tell you that a key factor in their success was having a mentor to help them negotiate and manage their careers. We are working with some of these advocates to develop an appropriate programme and develop a lasting legacy.

What is involved?

Successful applicants will be assigned two mentors, one male, one female, and together they will set clear goals. There will be regular meetings or telephone calls over a 6 or 9 month period where progress will be monitored. The programme will be co-designed with our Sponsor, Chronus, a leader in mentorship programmes

Our Mission

At the core of this programme is the belief that mentoring through the INSEAD’s network can be one of the key tools that could be used productively by women to further their prospects, build their network and get concrete professional advice and guidance as they make their next professional steps. We plan to facilitate a mentoring relationship between professional women in middle to senior management with more experienced individuals (both men and women) who have a passion and genuine interest in mentoring.

Unique to the INSEAD approach is that it reaches across multiple professional arenas where the participants have a shared past and had actively chosen INSEAD as part of their professional building blocks. We plan to use that direction and shared goals to be used after the course is finished and to harness the positive externalities of professional experiences to help both genders work towards a shared goal of gender parity in the workplace.

“No matter whom you are, where you’ve come from, or what you have achieved, a good mentor is an invaluable asset in business…”    
Sir Richard Branson