Ambition Net Zero: COP26 – Good COP or Bad?

Following on from the INSEAD Alumni UK Energy Group event prior to the COP conference, we welcome back our esteemed speakers to give us their view on the outcomes of the event and what this means for climate change going forward.

What happened at the conference? Who were the winners & losers? Was it all just an expensive talking shop or will it lead to concrete action? What can the world expect to see happen in the next year as a result?

We shall be going over issues such as NDCs, geo political tensions, financing and coal phase out with speakers who were participating in COP26 including Melanie Onn, former Member of Parliament in the UK and now Deputy CEO of Renewable UK, Ben Backwell, CEO of the Global Wind Energy Council and Jane Stevensen, MBA 88D, Founding Director of JS Global.

Date & Time: Wednesday 1st December 2021, 12pm – 1.15pm UK time

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