Lifelong Learning

Leaders today cannot rest on past achievements and a prestigious INSEAD degree to succeed in a rapidly shifting world. They need access to relevant experiences, people and content that will help them stay current and continue to build their knowledge and skills.

Lifelong Learning for Alumni is designed to do just that. Our vision is to establish a global learning community that brings alumni and faculty together and advances business as a force for good.

WEBINAR: How to Design Better Teams with Phanish Puranam

24 April 2019 | Online

New technology is making traditional organisation charts redundant, argues Professor Phanish Puranam. Managers need ‘team design’ skills to rethink how they organise teams, departments or entire companies.

POP-UP PROGRAMME: Fundamentals of Venture Capital and Private Equity

11 May 2019 | Fontainebleau, France

Understanding private equity and early stage investing is critical to entrepreneurs, business owners, board members and investment professionals alike. Taught by popular Professors Claudia Zeisberger and Vikas Aggarwal.

PRACTITIONER WEBINAR: What business leaders need to know about AI

20 June 2019 | Online

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to be the most disruptive and transformative technology of our time. Led by Deputy Dean Peter Zemsky, this panel of alumni practitioners will examine how business leaders should think about Artificial Intelligence.