We invite you to join us in strengthening INSEAD’s impact in the Philippines.

Our goal for this year is to have at least 50% of our alumni participate in giving.  It only takes as little as P500 to be counted  so please plan to give through  From there, you can choose where your donation goes (see below).  Remember that it’s participation that counts ie. showing how active our alumni are. A high participation, in turn, helps raise funds from donors who see how engaged our community is.

INSEAD has educated students from the Philippines since the early 1970’s. The opening of the school’s Singapore campus in 2000 brought students to INSEAD with more regularity, but applications from the Philippines still represent less than 1% of the annual applicant pool. In each intake class, there are usually only one or two students from the Philippines.

At the same time, there is a significant demand by companies who recruit at INSEAD for more students from ASEAN countries like the Philippines. The accelerating demand in the Philippines for the kind of business leaders that INSEAD educates—analytical, entrepreneurial minds with a global outlook—the school’s location in Singapore, and the 2016 and 2017 #1 ranking of its MBA program by the Financial Times, all provide an exceptional opportunity for significant impact.

Give to the Washington Sycip Scholarship Fund

It would provide the opportunity for INSEAD to market the scholarships in the Philippines, and significantly broaden the base of potential students. Many prospective students may believe that an INSEAD education is out of reach.

The fund would provide the resources to potentially triple or quadruple the number of students from the Philippines during the next five years, providing exceptionally qualified talent for the continued economic growth of the Philippines.

Visit today to make your contribution today!

Click here to read a letter from our first recipient of the Washington Sycip Scholarship.