2023 Alumni Executive Committee Self-Nomination

We have three openings for 3-year terms on our Executive Committee (ExCo) beginning January 2024 and are thrilled to open the nomination process October 1st. The ExCo is INDEVOR’s governing body with a total of 9 members from around the world, including several leaders of the Community Impact Challenge initiative, for which INDEVOR serves as host Global Club. We meet for 1 hour every two months and share the load leading events, including webinars and an annual Alumni Sustainability Summit.

To self-nominate, please fill out this form by November 15th. Our selection committee will review nominations and propose a slate of candidates for e-voting the week of December 4th. We are specifically looking to fill three roles:

· INSEAD Climate Journey Liaison: We need someone familiar with INSEAD’s carbon footprint reduction commitments who is knowledgeable and curious about best practices in climate action. This role will keep INDEVOR updated on progress and alert to places that alumni voices can be helpful encouragers of the journey. INDEVOR plans to weave INSEAD climate milestones across its learning and advocacy agenda.

· NAA/GC Sustainability Reps Liaison: We have been organically building INDEVOR/Sustainability reps across National Alumni Associations and need someone with a vision for systematizing the network and info flows and event cross-promotions to and from NAAs. This role would help develop a cross-NAA/Global Club (GC) advocacy agenda for sustainability learning and action.

· Webinar Lead: Our learning agenda includes a ~bimonthly webinar series on social and environmental impact in collaboration with specific NAAs and Global Clubs (GCs). This role will champion and facilitate webinars with our webinar administrator and NAA/ GC partners to create a repeatable approach to planning, promotion, implementation and feedback.

(Learn here about all ExCo Job Descriptions)

Above all, we seek leaders who are passionate and committed to mobilizing the INSEAD alumni community toward positive social and environmental impact – to imbue our alums with sustainable life and work practices for people and our planet. Many of our members are part of the Community Impact Challenge initiative. Many work in NGOs, CSR, impact investing, social entrepreneurship, international organizations, microfinance, while others are interested in bringing sustainable practices to their corporate workplaces.

As part of our vision, launched at INSEAD’s June 2023 Annual Volunteers Meeting, INDEVOR, with CIC as a global action partner, serves as hub of a growing alumni sustainability network across NAAs and Global Clubs in alliance with the IAA and school (including the Hoffman Global Institute for Business and Society and INSEAD Climate Journey, the INDEVOR MBA Club – where it all began back in 1993.

We will shortlist candidates based on the quality of the responses and invite INDEVOR members to vote on the top candidates. We aim to announce the new ExCo members December 15th, 2023.