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The INSEAD Research & Learning Hub is hosting a showcase on the following INSEAD book: “Leading a Board” by INSEAD Professor Stanislav Shekshnia and Veronika Zagieva, from 18th to 29th of November.

Chairs’ Practices Across Europe

  • Presents what board chairs actually do, rather than what they should do
  • Includes an unprecedented sample – 200 chairs, directors, shareholders and CEOs from 8 countries
  • Describes chair practices in diverse European cultures from UK to Turkey

This book represents the first cross-country study of the work of boardchairs in Europe. It includes unique data collected through interviews withalmost 200 experienced board chairs and their key stakeholders – boardmembers, CEOs and shareholders. The book focuses on what board leaders actually do, rather than what theyshould do, and elaborates on a conceptual contingency framework forunderstanding chairs’ work in Europe. This includes a comprehensive list ofchair practices – iterative behaviour strategies for getting things done, comparisons of contexts for chairs’ work and practices among ninecountries, and identification  of cross-European and country-specific trendsthat will shape the work of board leaders in the next decade. The book will benefit incumbent and future chairs, directors, shareholders, CEOs, executives and regulators in developing a systemic understanding ofthe work of a chair in the European business context and gaining insightsinto how the leader of the board deals with specific challenges.