Business Intelligence @ your fingertips

Don’t wait until it’s too late to discover what is available to you now! The Libraries subscribe to many databases and content is continuously updated, here is a sampling of recently added reports: Toolkit 2014 – How to keep your brand ahead of the...

Merging data using company identifiers

If you need to merge sets of data collected in one source, into another source, unique identifiers can become useful. This document provide information for some selected company identifiers.

EBSCO alert message – please ignore

Some of our EBSCO database users may have received a message from a “qaalerts at” address  that there was a problem with their alerts. Please disregard, EBSCO is aware of the problem and is working to resolve it. Alerts are actually not...

ORBIS: new resource for company financials

The libraries are pleased to announce that Orbis is now available. Orbis is a database published by Bureau Van Dijk. It provides access to financial information for 1.5 million public and private companies worldwide.