Membership of INSEAD Alumni Association USA is open to all officially registered INSEAD alumni. You can opt for 1 or 3 year membership options and sign up online. Please note that membership duration is set as: date of purchase plus 12 or 36 months and the payment will be processed in Euros. For any questions regarding your membership, please contact [email protected].

at ~US$99* (€79)
Join by credit
 card via MyINSEAD**

at ~US$269* (€219)
Join by credit card via MyINSEAD**

at ~US$69* (€59)
EXCLUSIVE for Young Alumni: 
MBA’21D, MBA’22J, MIM’21 and MIM’22
Join by credit card via MyINSEAD**


* Please note FX changes may have impact on the exact US$ amount
** Login with your school SSO which is [email protected]. Click here to reset or change your password. Still not working? Reach out to INSEAD’s 24/7 service desk (include screenshot of IT issue faced) for technical support.

FOMO is for real! Especially when you are missing out being a part of 4,000+ strong US alumni network. Becoming a member is more significant during these times than time. It gives a sense of being part of an amazing and powerful local and global network of alums that is there for each other, that is a force for good for both, individuals and also in the communities where we live, work and play. Some key benefits (by no means an exhaustive list) include:

  • Preferential pricing for regional, national and global INSEAD alumni events
  • Lifelong learning program discounts – 30% for Executive Education and 40% for Online Education
  • Preferential pricing to INSEAD Alumni Mentorship Programmes on iLink
  • Free access to the INSEAD Library database Business Source Alumni
  • A country flag badge 🇺🇸 next to your name in INSEAD’s global alumni directory.
  • Above all rekindle old friendships and have a blast in the Salamander spirit