INSEADers Looking For New Adventures

A reminder for INSEADers who may be experiencing interim unemployment, that the NAA Board has put a program in place if they would like a bit of contact/support/advice from fellow alumni.

Let James Stewart know if you are looking for your next role and we’ll add you to the spreadsheet.  The concept is that each alumni volunteer Ally aims to make one (or more) calls per month to check in with their fellow Alum who is looking (so each Searcher receives a call from a fellow Alum every week or two), the goal is to make sure that Alums going through unemployment know that they are supported by the INSEAD network and are not alone in their search.

It can be very helpful to have a high-quality sounding board with a fellow Alum to chat through plans/ideas, and occasionally, where appropriate, make a few intros/use the INSEAD network more directly to assist.  So get in touch if you need a hand and if you are interested in being an Ally and check in with your fellow alums.