Welcome Program – Australia

Welcome to Australia

The National Alumni Association Australia and New Zealand (NAA ANZ) is pleased to provide INSEAD alumni (single or family) arriving in Australia with support with the help of fellow alumni volunteers across Australia.

All requests for assistance will be funneled thru the NAA ANZ, which will put the parties in contact.

Please note that this service is volunteer-based and free of charge. It follows the long tradition established in the Fontainebleau campus of senior students extending help to newcomers.

As ex-pats, we learn that the typical phases of becoming a new resident are: Preparation, honeymoon, culture shock, and adaptation.

What is on offer:

  1. We are INSEAD colleagues. It is our sense of belonging to the same community.
  2. We have been there, we made some mistakes, we learned from them, and we are ready to help.
  3. We can lend-our-ears and provide guidance to you and your family.
  4. Points of contact
  5. Network, network, network

What is not on offer

  1. We will not do your homework. Prior to starting you must do some research.
  2. We are not visa agents, real estate agents, baby sitters, bankers, lawyers. We are just colleagues willing to extend a helping hand and able to direct you to people that might solve your query.

How does the service operate

  1. The NAA ANZ has drawn a list of INSEAD individuals and families willing to contribute their time.
  2. The newcomer should contact Nadia Yuzhannikova MBA ’10J, who has kindly offered to coordinate the program: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nadia-yuzhannikova-4803b7/
  3. Nadia will then refer the newcomer’s inquiry to an INSEAD resident.
  4. The local INSEADer will contact the newcomer and organise a get together (call/lunch/dinner) in order to start sharing practical experience relating to the topics you might have in mind (where to live, costs, rental market, schools, shopping, traffic, medical services, etc.).

You have chosen to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You are now able to gain access to new fellow INSEADers who will provide you with non-business related knowledge that will make your first months a bit easier.
Enjoy and welcome to Australia.