Events / Healthcare & Life Sciences ‘Operation Steepen the Curve’

Healthcare & Life Sciences ‘Operation Steepen the Curve’

March 22, 2021
8:00 pm - 9:15 pm

Invitation Prof. dr. Jan Fransoo in online INSEAD SIG Healthcare & Life Sciences event

Operation Steepen the Curve, Monday March 22nd at 20:00 CET

Operation ‘Steepen the curve’ was a result of Prof. dr. Jan Fransoo’s initiative to speak up in the media, joining the debate about vaccination logistics in December last year. He was convinced that the development of a good logistics design would save time. Together with volunteers from ASML & Philips the principle was adopted that logistics are not subject to any limitations. They quickly developed a model intended to show immediately the consequences arising whenever something changes in one of the identified key variables resulting in the exact quantity of vaccines or their shelf life, or to the issue of which cohorts you want to prioritize in vaccinating. Their support was happily accepted by RIVM accelerating  the number of vaccinated people significantly.

Prof. dr. Jan Fransoo will share some of his key learnings with INSEAD alumni and will take questions from participants. The session will be held in the English language.

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About Prof. dr. Jan Fransoo
Jan Fransoo is Professor of Operations and Logistics Management at Tilburg University’s School of Economics and Management in the Netherlands. Has published extensively in academic journals and books on topics ranging from production planning and supply chain management to inventory management and transportation optimization. Co-author/editor of “Sustainable Supply Chains”, “Reaching 50 Million Nanostores: Retail Distribution in Emerging Megacities”, and “Behavioral Operations in Planning and Scheduling”. He has a wide industry network in the field of supply chain management, maintains close relationships with INSEAD Professors Prashant Yadav and Luk van Wassenhove. Professor Fransoo held prior appointments, including leadership positions, at Eindhoven University of Technology and Kuehne Logistics University.

About Thomas Calis
Thomas Calis is chair of the Dutch INSEAD Healthcare & Life Sciences club. He has a passion for learning development and leadership. He is active as a mentor for YES!Delft. In his professional life he is Managing Director of Eurocept Pharmaceuticals / CEO of Lucane Pharma SA.

Looking forward meeting you online,

Cynthia De Leeuw-Go & Thomas Calis
SIG Healthcare & Life Sciences