Events / ‘Healthcare Meets Sustainability’

‘Healthcare Meets Sustainability’

April 24, 2024
6:00 pm - 9:15 pm


Health Care & Life Sciences in collaboration with the Sustainability Club

‘Healthcare Meets Sustainability’

In this first time collaboration between the healthcare club and the sustainability club we will shed light on state of the art insides in healthcare waste reduction by implementing recycling programs properly managing medical waste. Moreover we will introduce an innovative medicine procurement practice that saves cost and the environment at the same.  Finally we will provide an inspiring example of how investing in research and development of sustainable healthcare technologies will drive solutions that benefit both patients and the planet. Integrating sustainability principles into healthcare practices will allow organizations to contribute to a healthier environment while simultaneously improving patient care and operational efficiency.

Registration here (as we highly value interaction the number of participants is limited to 40)

18.00 Welcome at Greencycl  with soup and sandwiches
18.30 Welcome by Marjolijn Klaver (Sustainability Club) and Thomas Calis (Healthcare Club
18.40 Presentation Bart van Straten (Greencycl), he will share his vision and show how medical waste is collected, disinfected, shredded and melted to create new instruments.
19.10 Presentation Piter Oosterhof (, how to reduce spillage of medication!
19.40 Presentation Nicole Bouvy (UMC Maastricht,) CAREFREE project, collective efforts for positive change.
20.10 Discussion
20.40 Drinks
21.15 End

Rijnzathe 2
3454 PV Utrecht

We are looking forward meeting you in person in De Meern (Utrecht)!

On behalf of the other volunteers of the INSEAD Sustainability & Healthcare Club,

Marjolijn Klaver  & Thomas Calis