Events / Online lunch Workshop with Prof. Jasjit Singh

Online lunch Workshop with Prof. Jasjit Singh

November 23, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Part of the Strategy Forum 2021 Program is an online lunch Workshop with Prof. Jasjit Singh

‘Thinking Strategically about Impact’

23 November from 12:00 – 13:30 CET

In this session, we will examine how to complement your passion for serving society with strategic thinking to maximize the breadth, depth and sustainability of your real impact. What ultimately matters is how much you help towards addressing underserved yet important societal issues, while being sensitive to the opportunity cost of the time and resources invested in doing so. The essence of thinking strategically thus involves asking exactly what societal need you are trying to meet and for whom, and how you can position yourself to make a valuable contribution consistent with your own personal goals and passions.

We will argue that different kinds of organizations (e.g., non-profits, social enterprises or companies) as well as funding approaches (e.g., philanthropy or investing) are complementary means of pursuing societal goals. We as individuals need to identify critical societal needs we care about, and contribute to these in a manner consistent with our unique strengths and the constraints of the context in which we choose to pursue these.

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About Prof. Jasjit Singh
Professor of Strategy
The Paul Dubrule Chaired Professor of Sustainable Development
Director, INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme

Jasjit has been an INSEAD professor since 2004. His expertise includes Strategy, Innovation, Sustainable Development, Purpose-Driven Business, Impact Investing and Impact Evaluation. He regularly speaks on these topics, and also advises entrepreneurs, philanthropists, investors and organizations on how to best manage their societal impact.

Jasjit has written numerous articles for leading journals and case studies that have won prestigious awards. He earned a PhD in Business Economics (Strategy) at Harvard Business School and an MA in Economics at Harvard University, having earlier obtained a BTech in Computer Science & Engineering at IIT Delhi and a double-MS at Georgia Tech.

Many of Jasjit’s articles and lectures are available at