Events / “Storytelling – Learn how to use stories to inspire at work”.

“Storytelling – Learn how to use stories to inspire at work”.

May 25, 2021
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Storytelling is one of the most important tools that managers, salespeople, and fundraisers can use to inspire in today’s business environment.

We are 22 times more likely to remember a fact when it has been wrapped in a story. Why? Because stories are memorable. Stories help us grab the gist of an idea quickly. They trigger our emotions.

While storytelling is extremely important, few people dare to use it at work.

We want to change that and have asked Philipp Humm to host a workshop on “Storytelling in Business” on Tuesday 25 May 2021


In the 1.5h workshop you will learn how to structure, craft, and deliver powerful stories in the professional context.

01 Why do stories matter?
02 How do you craft a story, using the 6 steps story structure?
03 What can you do after today to refine your storytelling skills?

Prior to the workshop, no preparation is needed.
However, during the workshop, active participation (+ video turned on) is required. The workshop will be very interactive with plenty of exercises where we need people to be fully present.

About Philipp:
Philipp Humm is the founder of the Amsterdam based coaching company, Power of Storytelling. He coaches executives, salespeople, and (non-profit) fundraisers across the world use stories to inspire in life and business. Prior to starting his own business, Philipp used to work as a Product Manager at Uber and as a Consultant at Bain & Company. He discovered his passion for performance arts (acting, improv & storytelling) in his time in NY, while completing his MBA at Columbia Business School. Check out his website or Linkedin if you want to learn more.