Events / International Women’s Day – Sexual Harassment

International Women’s Day – Sexual Harassment

March 14, 2023
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Tuesday 14 March, Online

New York, Toronto 07:00 | UK 11:00 | Paris 12:00

Abu Dhabi 15:00 | Singapore 19:00   Duration: 90 mins


In this interactive online workshop, Eric Luis Uhlmann, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD will share relevant academic research set against brief cases based on the true stories of INSEAD MBA students.


Sexual harassment is widely prevalent in organizations. It affects all genders. The fallout may have long lasting consequences for professional and personal relationships and wellbeing.


– How would you react to becoming the target of sexual harassment?

– Do you have a strategy which enables you to remain clear-sighted and articulate in the event of experiencing harassment?

– How would you support others who are experiencing sexual harassment?


This workshop will enable you to discuss many of the facets of sexual harassment. You will be able to explore individual and organizational counter-measures with your peers.


We look forward to welcoming you to this workshop on a key theme in celebration of International Women’s Day.