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COVID-19 Updates for INSEAD Faculty and Staff

Last updated: 4 August 2020

Welcome! This site contains information specifically for faculty and staff as we work towards a gradual re-opening of our campuses. It is complementary to the regular email updates you receive from the Crisis Management Team.

Wear your mask

Respect social distancing

Avoid physical touches

Wash your hands

Use sanitisers

Download contact tracing app

To ensure a smooth campus re-opening, please take note of the following:

  • Wear your mask at all times on campus, whether indoors or outdoors – you will find four reusable ones in this pack
  • Respect social distancing and follow one-way circulation markers
  • Avoid physical contact such as kissing, hugging or shaking hands
  • Wash your hands frequently or, if not possible, sanitise them using the dispensers provided
  • Use disinfectant wipes to clean-as-you-go
  • Download and use an official contact tracing application – in France: StopCOVID; in Singapore: TraceTogether; in Abu Dhabi:ALHOSN – or keep a written log of your contacts

If you witness anyone – whether a colleague, student or professor – not following these guidelines, do not hesitate to politely remind them to do so. If you are on the receiving end of such a reminder, we trust you to respond politely and promptly.

It is important that we also take care of our mental health at this time. Remember that free and confidential consultations are available from our Psychological Services Team at Do reach out if you need support.

It is up to all of us to ensure we have a safe learning and working environment. Thank you for playing your part!

If you have questions, please contact the Crisis Management Team at

Campus Re-opening Roadmap

View the complete overview of our campus re-opening roadmap.

Latest Updates


Teleworking is to remain the norm for the majority of staff until at least end of October. This is in line with government regulations in Singapore and to ensure a low campus density everywhere. Only those who need to be on site to carry out their work should come to campus. Please consult your IMF-level manager if you have question. We will continue to keep faculty and staff informed as the situation develops.

Employee Readiness for Campus Re-opening Survey
We have received over 600 responses to the Employee Readiness for Campus Re-opening Survey. Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to share your views. Your input will be used in our planning for the gradual re-opening of our campuses for the end of August, depending on government regulations and the COVID-19 situation.

In case you did not manage to take the survey yet, note that we have extended the deadline to Saturday 8 August. Thank you for taking the time to share your expectations and suggestions.

The survey covers several aspects of the re-opening as they concern you, your workspace and the campus, such that we can organise the re-opening by taking into account your safety and well-being, and that of our students and participants.


Partial Activity Europe Campus

The current situation will remain in place until 31 August. Staff should not come to campus on theirPartial Activity days. INSEAD has requested to the French government to extend Partial Activity after 1 September. We will share further details during the third week of August, after the government publication of applicable regulations, negotiations and government approval process have taken place.

Additional Information & Resources

Click here to access the INSEAD Staff Meeting site, which contains slides, recordings and Q&As from all staff meetings. Many of these have covered topics such as campus reopening, partial activity and teleworking.

Animation: “Welcome Back to Campus! Some Tips to Keep Us All Safe”
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Campus Guideline Posters
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Campus Guideline PowerPoint Slides for Faculty & Coordinators
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Coping Tips from the Psychological Services Team
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