Events / IDN Event in Atlanta: “Kettering Executive Women”

IDN Event in Atlanta: “Kettering Executive Women”

August 28, 2017
12:00 am - 12:00 am

Content: Are you Considering Corporate Governance as the next step of your career? What are the benefits of serving on board? Do you have the skills and are they attractive for a board position?


A conversation with Sarah Ernst, President of On Board and Mary Francia, Board Member

INSEAD International Corporate Governance Programme

Whether you are a current executive exploring board work as the next step in your career or retiring from an executive post and seeking to build your profile, we encourage you to explore to learn about “Paying it forward” in corporate governance. Board work is not for everyone.

Serving on a for-profit or non-for profit board is serious business – it might not be for everyone and it is not fair for the board or you are not committed. If it is for you, it can be one of the most meaningful and rewarding things you ever do. What is board work? Why choose to be a director?

During our conversation, we will attempt to cover them and other questions such as:

What types of boards should I explore as a new director?

What are the different types boards?

What are the differences as a board member in a for-profit board vs a non-for profit board

What are the skills the board looks for?

What are the expectations of board members?

What makes someone ready to serve on a board?

How does someone get onto a for-profit board?