The INSEAD Directors’ Network (IDN), is open to all INSEAD Alumni that are board members or interested in Corporate Governance.

The network organises events like IDF forums, dinners, webinars, has its own website with both public and private member resources, closed LinkedIn Group and has an Advocate & Connect Board Search & Mentor Initiative.

IDN was originally started by alumnus of INSEAD’s International Directors Programme (IDP), and has become an INSEAD Global Alumni Club.

How to become a member


INSEAD alumni who are board members and/or who are interested in corporate governance are eligible to become Members of IDN. A person who has qualified as an alumnus/a as a result of gaining the INSEAD Certified Director (IDP-C) qualification is also eligible and is encouraged to join.

Membership of IDN is conditional on becoming and remaining a paid-up member of the INSEAD International Alumni Association. The IDN Board may arrange for applications to be verified with the relevant National Alumni Association or Associations as appropriate.

Membership of IDN is arranged via your MyINSEAD page as follows:

  • Log into MyINSEAD with your username and password;
  • Click on the “My Profile” tab;
  • Under “Email Subscription Preferences”, scroll down to “Global Alumni Clubs”;
  • Click on “Subscribe to a list”;
  • Turn “INSEAD Directors Network” to “on”.

When this is completed, send us a mail via  and let us know which NAA you are part of, your board positions or interests and we will share a welcome package, including access codes to our LinkedIn Group and Member Resources on the IDN website.

Provisional Membership

A person who has attended the INSEAD International Directors’ Programme (IDP) or IDP Banking but who has not gained the IDP-C qualification may not be a member of the INSEAD Alumni Association unless they have acquired that status by virtue of attending other courses at INSEAD. However, they will automatically become a Provisional Member of IDN on successful completion of the relevant course. If a Provisional Member does not qualify for full Membership within one year of becoming a Provisional Member, their membership will lapse.

IDN Value Proposition