Groups & sectors

UK groups and sectors bring together alumni who share a common interest in various industries and activities. Our sector heads and their committees organise events that will contribute to your knowledge and professional development.

UK Association Sector Heads
Careers Group 
Helen Burton (MBA 89D)
Natalie Taylor (MBA 07J)
Energy Group
Alex Murray (MBA 07J)
Entrepreneurs’ Group
Nadim Saad (MBA 02J)
Charlotte Mason (EMBA 07D)
Financial Services Group
Michael Dryden (MBA 95J)
Healthcare Group
Ted Townsend (MBA 90D)
Richard Boyd     (MBA  94J)
Leadership Group
Gaby Gläsener-Cipollone (MBA  93D)
Real Estate Group
Omega Poole (MBA 09J)
Iliana Deevska (MBA 14D)
Private Equity & Venture Capital Group
Chloe Lavedrine (MBA 09D)
Scottish Group
Gillian Watson (MBA 94D)
Retail Group Teresa White (MBA 88D)
Telecoms,  Internet & Technology Group
Pietro Strada (MBA97J)
Fred Huet (MBA 00D)
Social Group
Katja Strelcova (MBA 14J)
Stella Demades (MBA 13D) 

Contact sector heads via the UK Office.