Events / Speaker Event with Kai Taraporevala – The Tata Case

Speaker Event with Kai Taraporevala – The Tata Case

February 23, 2017
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Speaker Event with Kai Taraporevala: Corporate Governance in Listed Family Controlled Companies – Lessons from the Recent Chairmen’s Battle in Tata Sons 

Thursday 23 February 2017, 7pm – 9pm at INSEAD

Kaikhushru “Kai” Taraporevala (MBA 1994)

The recent battle between a former Chairman and an incumbent Chairman of Tata Sons holding company, of one of Asia’s most respected business groups, brought into sharp focus key issues facing family owned businesses. This is especially pertinent to businesses that are listed. Important questions for family controlled, listed companies include:

  • Succession planning – who selects or fires a listed company Chairman and what criteria should one use
  • The controlling family’s needs and those of outside investors
  • The proper role of independent directors and the reality of constraints they face
  • The behaviour of Government controlled investment vehicles in family controlled listed companies
The events in the Tata Group also have wider lessons relating to what constitutes good governance in any collective endeavour; in businesses, non profit organizations as well as governments.

Join us as Kai Taraporevala reviews the recent events in the Tata Group and provides pointers to lessons we can learn to make this a better world.

 Read more about Kai here.

Register at 6.30pm for lecture to commence at 7pm.

  • INSEAD ALUMNI NAA Members and a guest each pay $15 
  • INSEAD ALUMNI Non-NAA members and a guest each pay $45