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IAA Singapore Member Business Directory provides a listing of businesses owned or managed by IAA Singapore members. The directory is designed to facilitate collaboration and networking, and support member-owned businesses.

If you’d like to list your business with us, please complete this application form and we’ll then add you to the directory. In case of any changes, please contact us and we’ll then make the adjustments.

Disclaimer: The information contained in the directory is provided by members and should by no means be considered an endorsement by IAA Singapore. You should apply common consumer rules and practices when conducting business with any of the listed organisations.

Business listings:

Single-family office supporting families in all aspects of wealth management, preservation and inheritance.

Contact: Wouter Kneepkens MBA’11

On a planet with finite resources, our mission is to build the future more efficiently, safely, and sustainably, by the digitising physical reality of construction.

Contact: Jeremy Pownall MBA’18

Platform for Startups and SMEs to develop and manage cybersecurity programmes. We connect to a business’s existing technology stack and monitor security controls so that outcomes can be communicated to stakeholders and trust built (e.g., get ISO27001 certified) or hurdles removed to meet requirements when selling to enterprises and government.

Contact: Carlos Leyva Salas MBA’20J

Executive Coaching and Career Coaching to senior leaders and high achievers.

Special discount for INSEAD alumni based in Singapore: 1 Free trial session per person, with $50 OFF for subsequent sessions.

Contact: Yolanda Yu MBA ’14D

Bringing cutting-hedge technology to emerging markets in Southeast Asia through Venture Building and Investments in Ag Tech Sector and its downstream applications. Contact: Denis Lambert TIEMBA’19