(Video) INSEAD’s growth in Asia 
Ilian Mihov, Dean of INSEAD and Professor of Economics, speaks with CNBC award-winning anchor Christine Tan about INSEAD and the rise in demand for MBAs from INSEAD Asia campus as students seek greater exposure to the region. 

Singapore – June


The 16 Most innovative Countries in the world
INSEAD, Cornell University and the World Intellectual Property Organization, have released the 10th annual Global Innovation Index in Geneva. Switzerland, Sweden and The Netherlands are the three top most innovative countries in the world. Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director of the Indices at INSEAD, was at the press conference in the UN as INSEAD spokesperson.

Business Insider
UK – 15 June


(Video) What a soft Brexit entails
Antonio Fatas, INSEAD Professor of Economics, says a soft Brexit would involve things staying close to the status quo, but the U.K. would be unable to influence EU decisions.

Singapore – 15 June


Apparently You Act Drunker If You Think You’re Drinking a Vodka Red Bull
INSEAD Professor of Marketing Pierre Chandon and his co-researchers found in a recent study that drinkers had less inhibitions when told they consumed the popular energy drink cocktail.

Food and Wine 
USA – 13 June


The World’s Most Powerful Languages
Reprinted from INSEAD Knowledge
Kai Chan, Distinguished Fellow at INSEAD Innovation and Policy Initiative, created the Power Language Index to compare the efficacy of more than one hundred languages in the five domains of his research. English is ranked first, Mandarin second and French third, with strong results in geography and diplomacy. Spanish, Arabic and Russian fill in the next three spots.

India – 12 June

KKR’s North Asian mission 
Claudia Zeisberger, Academic Director of the Global Private Equity Initiative at INSEAD, says that among Asian family business owners, there is a greater awareness of private equity and the value a private equity partner can bring to the table.  

Private Equity International
UK – 9 June