Schools With The Absolutely Most Satisfied MBAs
Which business school graduates believe their MBAs have actually made them happy? How the international schools line up on satisfaction? INSEAD has always been well ranked in terms of satisfaction level. Poets & Quants
USA – 22 November ‘

The Importance Of The Right MBA
Minh Huy Lai, Managing Director of MBA Programme at INSEAD, elaborates that a successful global leader is fully in command of the four elements, which will make him or her at ease to conduct business seamlessly anywhere in the world. He says that choosing the right MBA programme will make all the difference in one’s personal and professional journey.  BW BusinessWorld India – 22 November

Former T. Rowe Price Senior Executive Todd Ruppert Joins Swiss Tech Firm Melonport
Melonport AGa Swiss company for technology regulated investment funds, has appointed Todd Ruppert, INSEAD Board Member and former CEO of T. Rowe Price Global Investment Services, its new advisor and council foundation member for the newly created Melon Foundation. He is now a venture partner with Greenspring Associates, a U.S.-based venture firm with more than $5 billion under management. Crowfund Insider
USA – 22 November

Making crowdfunding work for marketers
Amitava Chattopadhyay, INSEAD Professor of Marketing and the GlaxoSmithKline Chaired Professor of Corporate Innovation, shares his opinion about crowdfunding in Asia, and how, for marketers, it can be more than just a funding vehicle. CMO Innovation
Hong Kong –
21 November 

Podcast: Institutionalisation of Family Firms — Claudia Zeisberger, INSEAD
Claudia Zeisberger, INSEAD Senior Affiliate Professor of Decision Sciences and Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise & Academic Director of INSEAD’s Global Private Equity Initiative, discusses in a podcast on topics such as “Proficiency Gap” around Corporate Governance & Leadership; Access to Capital; Organisational Design; and Growth Capabilities. She also shares more about her report titled “The Institutionalisation of Family Firms” and the role private equity can play in helping institutionalise a family firm and unlock value. Working Capital Review
USA – 21 November 

Setting the stage for digital transformation
INSEAD Affiliate Professor of Marketing Joerg Niessing believes that organisations can either transform or risk being replaced by disruptive competitors. The National
UAE – 21 November

Slower smartphone growth gives VCs the jitters  
Venture capital investment in China’s thriving new economy – based on the expanding use of smartphones – is becoming riskier, warns veteran investor Helen Wong, a partner at Qiming Venture Partners. She was speaking at INSEAD Alumni Forum held in Hong Kong. South China Morning Post
Hong Kong – 21 November 

Exploring diversity: dimensions of workplace diversity
Cultures are divergent across and within national borders. Local culture affects the way business is conducted. Human cultural backgrounds inevitably affect how people behave and this is transmitted to the workplace. In her book “The Culture Map”, INSEAD Senior Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour Erin Meyer distinguishes between low-context and high-context communication. CNBC
Singapore – 20 November

Why we should all feel sorry about corporate leaders
Yves Doz, INSEAD Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management and the Solvay Chaired Professor of Technological Innovation, pointed out, during the Drucker Forum on management in Vienna, that many companies fail “because they keep doing what they do well for too long”. Kodak, in analogue roll-film, and Nokia, in featureless mobile phones, are two good examples. Financial Times
UK – 20 November
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INSEAD in the News

How a Business School Test Helped Boost Women’s Grades 
At INSEAD, the grades of female students consistently lagged those of men, so Zoe Kinias, INSEAD Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, conducted an experiment: she had all students take a test to affirm their core values – and managed to improve the grades of the women by 89 percent.  “The intervention, what it does is level the playing field in terms of assertiveness and confidence in the beginning of our program,” says Timothy Van Zandt, INSEAD Dean of Faculty and Professor of Economics. “Business schools have a responsibility” to help women achieve in an environment where they “feel equally respected and empowered.” Bloomberg 
Singapore – 16 November 


Paradise Papers: So what if my university made offshore investments?
N. Craig Smith, The INSEAD Chaired Professor of Ethics and Social Responsibility, explains that ‘“The Paradise Papers provide further evidence of the ever-increasing inequality in society and how that is perpetuated.” Global inequality between individuals and countries have increased steadily year and after year to dangerous levels today.The world’s richest individuals – i.e. those who own over US$100,000 in assets – make up only 8.1 percent of the world’s population but they own 84.6 percent of global wealth (this is a conservative estimate – there may be more stored away in other tax havens). Study International  UK – 15 November


The World’s Most Influential Business Thinkers 2017
INSEAD Professors have been ranked the world’s top 50 most influential management thinkers by Thinkers50 2017. W. Chan Kim, INSEAD Professor of Strategy and International Management, and Renée Mauborgne, INSEAD Distinguished Fellow of Strategy and International Management are jointly placed fourth. Erin Meyer, INSEAD Senior Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, and Gianpiero Petriglieri, INSEAD Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, are two of the 11 newcomers to the Thinkers50 List this year, and rank 39th and 47th respectively. Forbes USA  – 14 November 

INSEAD Alumni Survey – let your impact be seen.

Let your impact be seen and celebrated by INSEAD and the world! INSEAD is conducting a survey to understand the diversity, depth and breadth of our alumni and their impact on the world. Last week the survey was sent to all alumni (subject line: “Survey of INSEAD Alumni”) with a unique link inviting you to participate in the survey. If you didn’t receive the survey and would like to participate please contact INSEAD Alumni Relations ([email protected]).   


What to expect from the ECB
According to Antonio Fatas, INSEAD Professor of Economics, the ECB will likely move ahead with its plan to slowdown asset buying.  CNBC   Singapore – 26 October

What workers want
According to a joint study between INSEAD and Universum, the main motivator for millennials in Asia to take a job is cultural fit—not prestige. The study found that millennials’ top fear, when it comes to their future career, is not being able to find a job that matches their personality. They also want to feel at home at work by being valued and respected. HRO Today US – October

The MBA gender gap: Poets, not quants
MBAs are frequently split into two tribes: “poets”, with a liberal-arts background who enrol on an MBA course, and “quants”, who have swotted up on the rigorous statistical knowledge that can carry them through their programme. A new study suggests this dividing line could also be applied to gender, with women, falling into the poet category, and men into the quant. That dividing line between women and men is just one of the findings of a recent paper by academics at INSEAD and Columbia Business School. The Economist UK – October

European MBAs May Cost Less Than Elite U.S. B-Schools
INSEAD was the first institution in Europe to offer an MBA programme, starting in the late 1950s. INSEAD’s one-year program became the standard model for European b-schools while most U.S. institutions have retained a two-year programme.U.S. students may want to look to Europe, where shorter programmes can lead to cost savings and faster career growth. Virginie Fougea, Director of MBA Recruitment and Admissions at INSEAD, says that INSEAD has received an increase of 35 percent of applicants from North America for its September intake compared to the previous year. US News & World Report USA – 24 October

过度忠诚会抑制创新 (Loyalty Taken Too Far Can Inhibit Innovation)
According to Morten Bennedsen, The André and Rosalie Hoffmann Chaired Professor of Family Enterprise at INSEAD, and Brian Henry, Research Fellow at INSEAD, when it comes to business models, loyalty for the sake of loyalty can become a liability and roadblock to success, since loyalty taken too far can inhibit founders of family firms from adopting innovative business models until it is too late. 家族企业 (China Family Business Review) China – September edition In Chinese