Alumni Profiles: Aps Ajit (CCC’08May)

‘I don’t count the days, I make the days count’Muhammad Ali

About Me
I was born to a fearless fighter pilot father and an inspiring educator mother – they always taught me to be kind, do no harm, to think about others before oneself and to dream big. I owe my life to what they have taught me.

I was brought up in a defence background and with a Montessorian philosophy, which prepared me to face any situation with aplomb, adapt myself to any environment and adjust happily among new friends. All this has held me in good stead, both personally and professionally, through various phases of my life.

Professionally, I have had 19 years of international experience in the commercial sector across various functions that include business development, key account management, skills and talent management across multiple sectors.

This has also helped me develop a strong understanding of international markets having lived and /or worked in Asia (India, Singapore), Europe (London, Paris) and the US.

I currently manage a diverse, global team and also lead global client relationships for a private equity owned digital tech and operations company, based out of the UK.

Enriching Transformational Journey with INSEAD
…’Because it is possible to go on this journey only when there is the light which comes through the understanding of yourself, and that light cannot be given to you by another..’ J.Krishnamurti, Philosopher

I believe learning, whether it is knowledge for knowledge’s sake or to develop professional skills, helps build human capital to enrich quality of life and contribute towards a better community, country and humankind. My mind is never quite satisfied though so I reckon, every new thought, gesture, action has to begin with me.

It was with this awareness that I chose INSEAD for my second Master’s degree. The ‘Consulting and Coaching for Change- CCC’ programme is uniquely an INSEAD experience, as it is a cornucopia of knowledge, self-growth, gender parity and vision aptly aided by outstanding faculty and last but not the least – the excellent alumni!

The CCC programme’s objective is to acquire greater understanding of organisational behaviour and psychological perspectives and to become a more reflective and effective agent of organisational change. For me the programme held the keys to many unanswered questions I had on human behaviour and on myself. It explained the rationale behind the irrational.
This has added immense value to my professional life where it has helped me retain and win new business, create an impact, and build strong relationships with my clients.

On the personal front, it has made me more self-aware, reflective and helped me think about my relationship with my immediate family, community and world at large. To this end, I am grateful for all that I have in my life…

I believe there can be no Philanthropy without Compassion. Hence, each year, I choose a personal project that focuses on making a difference to a cause. In 2016, I walked the Moonlight Walk the Walk Marathon in support for Breast Cancer. In 2017, I funded a children’s park for an orphanage in India. In 2018, I am volunteering at an orphanage in Vietnam and looking forward to spending time with the children.

When one talks of giving, people always think only in terms of monetary, whereas, there are so many ways to give… love, time, expertise. My husband and I both believe this is the legacy we can pass to our son, who will carry forward the torch of goodness for the wellbeing of mankind and our planet… for the beginning and end is in us.

Women Empowerment
I am committed to supporting and enabling initiatives that will help women have confidence in themselves and help create a good talent pipeline of women leaders – at every level. I not only conduct workshops and coach, but also speak at several ‘women in leadership’ forums and help drive the change and push the agenda to create a platform for women to succeed. I am actively involved in the upcoming INSEAD iW50 – Career Transition and Transformation, signature event for INSEAD alumni living and working across the UK.

So let us not waste a minute and instead make our days count!

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January 2018