Alix Doherty

What and when did you study at INSEAD?


Tell us about your career to date.

I pivoted my career after selling my family business into advisory and consulting, and now operate a small SME-focused advisory firm, Alix Doherty Advisory. I focus on adding value to business operations by mentoring business leaders and advising on creating and implementing market and business strategies. I also am the Managing Director of our family office, here we identify and invest in entrepreneurs and SME businesses that bring value to the Australian economy through ethical and socially impactful means, predominantly through search funds.

Began my career as an entry-level administrator in the family plumbing business, whilst doing my undergraduate degree. During my early career, I built our family business and led the establishment of a wholesale plumbing supply company. After stepping into the CEO role of our family business, I identified the need for diversification and, within five years, had grown the business to be one of the largest privately owned family plumbing businesses and the first full multi-trade business in South Australia. I was working towards a successful exit and sale of the family business in 2017.

In 2014 whilst operating our family business, I identified the need to create a stand-alone but complementary business with operations based in the Northern Territory and focused on the mining, tourism, and remote areas of Australia, offering full portable accommodation and support services.

This business grew quickly and an exit and sale occurred in 2021, which led me to INSEAD and a change in my career trajectory.

What has been your involvement with the National Alumni Association? Why did you get involved?

I joined as the Director and SA/NT liaison, taking on the small cohort we have here in SA/NT. Having my program disrupted due to COVID-19, I quickly reached out to see what the Alumni Association was doing in Australia and was able to join some report topics and discussions that the association was holding, which was my first connection with the Alumni association, even before I completed my course. I like to be involved as it keeps INSEAD family alive for me, even if I am more remote and removed here in Adelaide.

How did INSEAD transform your life?

I am quite passionate about responsible consumption. I’d love to prove myself wrong on having labeled SwapUp a mere ‘side’ hustle during COVID. It would be nice to see our business grow into other categories beyond fashion. Perhaps one day, we’ll buy fewer new items and reuse more. Better yet, if SwapUp can play a part in getting us there. On my YouTube feed are videos about the study of harmony, applied maths and data, rare diseases, as well as random animal videos of sorts.

Have you got any hidden talents?

I can ride a horse and play some decent tennis, I also have a truck license, which comes in handy sometimes!