Green for Impact Brazil – 2nd phase

Our Project Green for Impact Brazil now enters the second and last phase of contribution. We will use IAAB’s “Force for Good” online platform launched last year in partnership with Incentiv, a taxtech startup that connects the tax incentive ecosystem with NGOs and donors, providing more convenience, engagement and transparency. It is essential that all donations are made through the Incentiv platform, as this is the only way to track our community’s contribution.

Within the same INSEAD principles and values of the first phase, the second phase fundraises for three projects, prioritizing alumni-led NGOs and tax incentivized projects. All three initiatives also bring relevant national coverage and diverse objectives for impact.

Our selected initiatives are:

  1. Plan International Covid-19 Response, led by Cynthia Betti, INSEAD Alumni PGA’14, has as one of its initiatives to help girls from around the country to become leaders in their community, heading the combat against the Covid-19. Know more here.

  1. #VencendoJuntos, led by Flavio Canto INSEAD Alumni PGA’18 and supported by other 8 renowned athletes, aims at assisting 33k low-income families across the country in 3 months with basic-needs grocery packages. Know more here.

  1. IOS: Founded in 1998, IOS (Instituto da Oportunidade Social) for low-income teenagers was pushed to invest in the qualification of its instructors for the new distance learning environment, due to Covid-19. Donations to this project are tax-deductible for individuals and corporations. Know more here.

The 2nd phase will last for three months, we start today and will raise funds until August 11th

Our goal is to reach at least R$ 50k for each initiative.

We kick off with 6K donations from PayU and OnDoctor our first institutional donors. INSEAD Alumni Association Brazil (IAAB) will match with 10% up to 13K. So let’s make it happen!

This will get us to a total of R$ 150.000 or more!

We welcome you as an individual, your company or any person from your network, to donate, helping us achieve this goal and generate lasting impact in Brazil. Be an institutional partner, talk to us!

Thank you very much for your collaboration.  Know more about Green for Impact Brazil, its phases, and how to support, here.


Institutional Partners:

Green for Impact Brazil Volunteers,

Carla Belitardo. MBA07D
Felipe Gonçalves. MBA15J
Julia Nazareth.  MBA19D
Marcelo Tavares. MBA16J
Pedro Mendes de Paula. MBA19D
Pedro-Otávio Mendes. MBA07D
Rafael Breviglieri. MBA19D
Rodrigo Salles. AMP19Nov
Valter Roldão. MBA18D