Celebrating Global INSEAD Day: A Day of Diversity and Impact!

Greetings to a commemoration that goes beyond honoring our roots, steering us towards a shared journey ahead. As Professor Sameer Hasija aptly expressed at the kickoff of Global INSEAD Day in Singapore, “we are one family,” bound by our INSEAD experience. Today, we pay tribute not only to the inception of our cherished institution in 1959 but also to the transformative influence of our alumni community. INSEADers form the heartbeat of our INSEAD family, and your active participation is the linchpin in shaping the future of IAA SG.

Envision the collective influence we can wield, the relationships we can nurture, and the wisdom we can exchange. This isn’t merely a celebration; it’s an open invitation to come together, cooperate, and construct an IAA SG that mirrors your ambitions. We’re not just alumni; we’re inseparably connected as INSEADers, and our solidarity is our greatest asset.

In this ever-evolving world, our committed involvement within the INSEAD community is crucial. Through engagement, mentorship, volunteering, and the sharing of our insights, we not only enrich our own journeys but also inspire, bolster, and catalyze others. Let’s sustain this spirit and leave an enduring mark on the future, jointly.

So, here’s to diversity, impact, and the INSEAD family that binds us all!

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2023 Year-To-Date Highlights Reel

As we approach the final stretch of 2023, it’s a perfect moment to pause and reflect on the incredible journey this year has been. Over the past months, our community has been a hive of activity, hosting a staggering array of over 50 events that have left an indelible mark on all of us.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of around 70 volunteers worked tirelessly, pouring their hearts into every endeavor. From thought-provoking workshops to electrifying performances and every inspiring moment in between, this year has been a tapestry of extraordinary experiences.

In this blog post, we invite you to join us on a journey through the highlights, the heartfelt connections, and the transformative moments that defined our 2023. It’s not just a review; it’s a celebration of the collective effort that made it all possible, where our volunteers built bridges for alumni to engage. So, settle in and let’s relive these unforgettable memories together.

BAFG Awards 2024 is BACK

In the years following World War II, Georges Doriot came up with the idea that the world needed a new kind of educational institution—one that united people, embraced diversity, and leveraged business to rebuild nations and promote peace. He envisioned an institution that could make a meaningful contribution to society.

That institution, of course, was INSEAD. In the decades since its founding in 1957, our school has never wavered from that vision. Our belief in using business as a force for good has come to define who we are, what we stand for, and how we conduct ourselves in the world.

INSEAD Alumni Association Singapore is pleased to launch “Business as a Force for Good” Award (BAFG Award) 2024.


The Award recognizes Singapore companies and individuals who have demonstrated thought-leadership with respect to “Business as a Force for Good”, have a vision, mission statement and strategy clearly demonstrating their commitment, have developed best practices and have achieved remarkable economical results and/or meaningful societal impact.

Eligibility and Award Categories

All Singapore based companies* will be considered for the following award categories:

  • BAFG Award 2024 for social enterprise in Singapore
  • BAFG Award 2024 for start-ups in Singapore (established under 3 years)
  • BAFG Award 2024 for SMEs in Singapore (revenue under S$100m or less than 200 workers)
  • BAFG Award 2024 for corporates in Singapore (revenue more than S$100m or more than 200 workers)
  • BAFG Award 2024 for incubator/accelarator/VC 

*Operating as a Singapore legal entity and registered with ACRA https://www.acra.gov.sg/

A jury made up of alumni leaders from various industries will identify the award winner. Selections will be based on the positive impact the organization has had on society through its programme or its core business activities.


The winners will be announced at the IAA Singapore AGM on Mar 2024.

Application or nomination

Please complete this link with the name of your company or a company you would like to nominate. We will need the name of a representative (yourself or another person-in-charge from the company nominated) whom the selection committee will contact for further details.

We will shortlist the Top 3 finalists from each category and they will have to submit a document (Powerpoint / PDF) with no more than 10 slides / pages including the introduction of your company and any other supplementary information.

The top 3 finalists from each category will then present to a panel of judges between 29 Jan to 2 Feb 2024. They will have 15 mins to present and another 15 mins for Q8A

Application and Nominations must be received no later than 5 PM Singapore time, 19 Jan 2024.


The “Business as a Force for Good” Award is a wonderful opportunity to recognize best practices, to give visibility to deserving companies and to promote INSEAD’s mission. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you soon.

For more information, contact Tan Eng Hwa at [email protected] or Jaz Chua [email protected] 

Past Winners






  • ECOSOFTT, Marcus Lim (TIEMBA’13Jan) and Stanley Samuel (TIEMBA’13Jan), Founders

Where are they now? Catching up with past winners

Volunteer Feature: Kévin Boezennec, MAP’20Feb

1. How has volunteering with IAA SG impacted your personal growth and development?

Being the Clubs lead helps me to continue my personal growth by acquiring new skills and enhancing my abilities in communication, organization, and management.

This position allows me to further develop and showcase my leadership skills and demonstrating my ability to guide and inspire others.

2. How do you envision the future of IAA SG’s events and volunteer programs?

I would like to see more fun and camaraderie! I believe that having fun and building friendships is an important aspect of fostering a vibrant alumni community. Hopefully in the near future, we will be able to foster a sense of camaraderie among club members while working towards our shared goals.

3. What would you like to see for IAA SG?
Being a volunteer is a chance to expand our network by connecting with other club leaders, faculty, alumni, and members of the Singapore alumni association. It enables everyone to broaden their connections and learn from other experienced professionals. I would like to see more of this spirit among the members.

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Volunteer Feature: Vandana Ahuja, MCCC’19Dec-S

1. What motivates you to continue volunteering for IAA SG through organizing events?

Giving back –  Volunteering for IAA SG and organizing LLL & CD events stems from my passion for talent growth and a deep sense of gratitude for the educational experiences with INSEAD during my EMC program. That motivates me to give back to my Alma Mater. Driving LLL & CD alumni events provides an avenue to contribute to the success and growth of the institution, fellow alumni and support current students.

Connecting and growing the network – Organizing LLL & CD events including educational programs, workshops with guest speakers offer our alumni continuing learning opportunities, staying updated on relevant topics and trends in their field of interest. At the same time being a great platform to connect with fellow alumni, build relationships and expand their professional and social networks. These connections have the potential to lead to new opportunities, collaborations and friendships.

2. Can you share a memorable experience or story from your time as an event organizer for IAA SG?

Actions speak louder than words – One of the most rewarding moments occurred recently when a distinguished globally recognized guest speaker expressed his sheer delight at the impeccable organization of the event on INSEAD campus, which made it a memorable experience for him and the attendees. In fact, such was the positive impact of the event, it’s nudged us to bring this negotiation skills guru, for another workshop on popular demand, for benefit our alumni community.

3. How has volunteering with IAA SG impacted your personal growth and development?

Volunteering with IAA, SG has been an enriching journey. Engaging in this altruistic endeavour, I discovered the great joy of giving back to the community that nurtured me. The experience allowed me to unearth untapped leadership skills, communicate and collaborate with diverse minds and embrace the sheer joy of teamwork. Each event, initiative provided fresh perspectives and expanded my horizon. Enthusiastic and positive feedback from alumni, students has been heartwarming and ignited a renewed sense of purpose. This remarkable experience has deepened my bond with our Alma Mater and our wonderful alumni, reinforcing the vibrant and tightly knit community we proudly call our own.

#iaasg #insead #volunteer


Volunteer Feature: Arvin Singh, MBA’14J

What motivates you to continue volunteering for IAA SG through organizing events?

I am motivated to continue volunteering for IAA SG through organizing events because I enjoy working with a team to create positive learning experiences for others. We’ve been able to create thought provoking conversations and sharing across small companies and large enterprises with lessons building a business and scaling through collaboration.


How has volunteering with IAA SG impacted your personal growth and development?

Volunteering with IAA SG has helped me to develop my leadership skills, communication skills, and teamwork skills. It has also helped me expand my network given the broad set of experienced attendees and speakers that have come to our events over the years.


In what ways has your involvement in organizing events for IAA SG strengthened your sense of community?

My involvement in organizing events for IAA SG has strengthened my sense of community by giving me the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures. It has also given me a sense of purpose and belonging by engaging with peers in the alumni association as well as INSEAD alum that attended the events.


#iaasg #insead #volunteer

Volunteer Feature: Shailene Zhu, MBA’15D

What motivates you to continue volunteering for IAA SG through organizing events? The satisfaction of knowing that I can make a difference and enhancing the INSEAD alumni network are a strong motivator.

How has volunteering with IAA SG impacted your personal growth and development? Volunteering and organizing events for IAA SG can provide valuable networking opportunities. By taking an active role, I can connect with other Insead alumni, industry professionals, and potential collaborators in the space of AI which is a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

How do you envision the future of IAA SG’s events and volunteer programs? I envision IAA SG’s events and volunteer programs becoming an integral part of a lifelong learning journey for INSEAD alumni to adapt to change, drive professional growth and foster innovation.

A Toast to Friendship: Raising Glasses, Creating Memories

Inspiration flows, Friendships born, memories thrive, Engagement ignites. 

Raising a toast to networking mavericks: Clarice Yong, Jaz Chua, Noriko Hanada, Yuwen Wang, Your contributions sparked a flourishing connected community!

If you have missed this, join us for our upcoming June and July events. Please check your mailers for preferential member pricing.

Jul 5 – INSEAD Social Lunch
Jul 11 – Creating Value in Negotiation
Jul 19 – Company Visit to Palo IT
Jul 20 – The First INSEAD IAA Movie Night— Seven Days by MBA15D Alum Grace Wu
22 and 28 Jul – Improv for Work!

A Journey into Sake’s Delights

What a fun evening it was to learn all about sake from Yuki OJIMA MBA’20J Founder & CEO at Story of Sake, Ltd and Risa Aoki (CFO). First, we learned about his business, Story of Sake, a sake experience provider & tour operator in Yamagata and the basics of sake tasting. After that, we enjoyed the tasting of 4 different kinds of sake! Yuki and Risa kindly brought 16 bottles of sake from Yamagata for this event. Which one was your favorite?

Special thanks to Noriko Hanada MBA’10D who organized this event, Toru Nanami MBA’21D who had introduced Noriko and Yuki to each other and Clarice Yong, Event Director who supported them to make this happen.

We had well over 40 attendees including 10 current & admitted students. We were very happy to bring alumni and students together over sake. We had such a good time, all 16 bottles were emptied!

We look forward to seeing you again in future events!

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Random Dinners are back!

Last week, Random Dinners made a roaring return again. They brought together diverse participants and hosts, resulting in a fantastic experience. The evening was filled with laughter, engaging conversations, and a vibrant atmosphere. The hosts ensured everyone felt included and facilitated meaningful interactions. Participants formed new friendships and left with a sense of fulfillment.

Join us for our upcoming Random Dinners!