Volunteer Feature: Vandana Ahuja, MCCC’19Dec-S

1. What motivates you to continue volunteering for IAA SG through organizing events?

Giving back –  Volunteering for IAA SG and organizing LLL & CD events stems from my passion for talent growth and a deep sense of gratitude for the educational experiences with INSEAD during my EMC program. That motivates me to give back to my Alma Mater. Driving LLL & CD alumni events provides an avenue to contribute to the success and growth of the institution, fellow alumni and support current students.

Connecting and growing the network – Organizing LLL & CD events including educational programs, workshops with guest speakers offer our alumni continuing learning opportunities, staying updated on relevant topics and trends in their field of interest. At the same time being a great platform to connect with fellow alumni, build relationships and expand their professional and social networks. These connections have the potential to lead to new opportunities, collaborations and friendships.

2. Can you share a memorable experience or story from your time as an event organizer for IAA SG?

Actions speak louder than words – One of the most rewarding moments occurred recently when a distinguished globally recognized guest speaker expressed his sheer delight at the impeccable organization of the event on INSEAD campus, which made it a memorable experience for him and the attendees. In fact, such was the positive impact of the event, it’s nudged us to bring this negotiation skills guru, for another workshop on popular demand, for benefit our alumni community.

3. How has volunteering with IAA SG impacted your personal growth and development?

Volunteering with IAA, SG has been an enriching journey. Engaging in this altruistic endeavour, I discovered the great joy of giving back to the community that nurtured me. The experience allowed me to unearth untapped leadership skills, communicate and collaborate with diverse minds and embrace the sheer joy of teamwork. Each event, initiative provided fresh perspectives and expanded my horizon. Enthusiastic and positive feedback from alumni, students has been heartwarming and ignited a renewed sense of purpose. This remarkable experience has deepened my bond with our Alma Mater and our wonderful alumni, reinforcing the vibrant and tightly knit community we proudly call our own.

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