Multicultural members boost team performance
According to new research by Sujin Jang, INSEAD Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour, multicultural individuals can enhance the creative performance of diverse teams. These individuals can act as ‘cultural brokers’ within such teams, whereby they facilitate interactions between individuals across cultural boundaries.
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Hiring managers guilty of beauty-bias 
According to research conducted by INSEAD, employers are less inclined to choose attractive candidates when they’re recruiting for menial jobs that are considered less desirable. Stefan Thau, INSEAD Professor of Organisational Behaviour, says that “people are judged according to the ‘what is beautiful is good’ bias,” and that “as with any discriminatory hiring practice, a looks-related bias of any kind threatens to degrade a company’s talent pipeline.”  Human Resources Director
New Zealand – 12 January


In high gear
Antonio Fatas, INSEAD Professor of Economics, says that the global economy slowly improved its outlook in 2017 through a combination of a recovery from the global financial crisis and the fact that “potential risks have not materialised”. “You put all of this together and you see that all engines of the world economy are working. Asia is a reflection of what is happening in the world.” China Daily Asia Weekly
China – 8 January