10th Annual Conference on Health & Humanitarian Logistics
The 10th Conference on Health and Humanitarian Logistics, an open forum that annually attracts 250+ professionals active in the global health and humanitarian sectors from around the world, will  take place in Dubai in July 18-19. It will discuss the challenges and new solutions in disaster preparedness and response, long-term development and humanitarian aid, and global health delivery. INSEAD Professor of Technology and Operations Management Luk Van Wassenhove is one of the conference organisers. Relief Web International USA – 3 May

Fighting against the Mafia: The Journey of the Activist-Entrepreneur
Reprinted from INSEAD Knowledge
Matthew Lee, Assistant Professor of Strategy at INSEAD, and his co-authors discuss their research which shows how strategic frame brokerage can help organisations enable collective action and mobilise diverse stakeholders to work together towards a specific goal. Qrius
India – 3 May

Skill of retaining nation’s talent: Brain drain scene may only worsen 
The Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2018, produced by INSEAD, the Adecco Group and Tata Communications, is topped by high-income countries. While India’s overall ranking is 81st, the country performed better than the overall ranking in growing the talent (54th rank), vocational training skills (71) and GK skills (63rd).  

Why are successful start-ups owning assets, adopting processes of traditional players?
Philip Anderson, Professor of Entrepreneurship at INSEAD, says that an e-commerce platform that opens a physical shop is not necessarily going backwards. On the contrary, it is usually a reflection of the company’s attempt to maintain its edge, in whatever form. He shares more insights in the article. The Edge
Singapore – 30 April