Wage transparency works: Reduces gender pay gap by 7 percent
INSEAD Professor of Economics Morten Bennedsen’s latest research shows for the first time that that wage transparency really works, reducing gender pay gap. The results of this study, Bennedsen says, raise the bar for policy makers and business leaders.   INSEAD Press Release
Global, 6 December 
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Is the European Union on the brink of disintegration?
Douglas Webber, INSEAD Professor of Political Science, analyses in his new book European Disintegration? The Politics of Crisis in the European Union, whether the European Union’s foundations are strong enough to maintain unity should crises emerge.  INSEAD Press Release
Global, 5 December 
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(TV) China has the upper hand in a long drawn out trade war: Professor Antonio Fatas
The U.S. and China may be on equal grounds right now, but over time, the Chinese economy will become bigger than the U.S. and that will give Beijing the upper hand over Washington, says Antonio Fatas, Professor of Economics at INSEAD. CNBC Asia 
Singapore, 2 December  
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