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China’s New World Order
Hellmut Schütte, INSEAD Emeritus Professor of International Management, comments on China’s vision and ambition as stipulated by President Xi. Can China be relied upon to lead, dictate and defend the global liberal system and the new international world order?Channel NewsAsia Singapore – 9 March

What if Trump and Hillary had swapped genders?

INSEAD Associate Professor of Economics and Political Science Maria Guadalupe wanted to know what would happen if she restaged the US presidential debates and switched the genders. A woman would recite Trump’s words line for line, and a man would do the same and play Hillary. The ethnodrama ‘Her Opponent’ yielded some very interesting results. KFI AM 640 Radio USA – 9 March

韩国陷多事之秋 (South Korea’s Troubles) 
Antonio Fatas, INSEAD Professor of Economics, comments on the role of chaebols (large family-owned business conglomerates) in Korea, and its significance to the domestic economy. Mediacorp Channel 8 Singapore – 9 March

Single-sex networks under a spotlight
Lily Fang, INSEAD Associate Professor of Finance, published a study indicating that men’s connections with other men are more helpful to their careers than women’s connections with women. She explained that the discrepancy could arise because men tend to occupy more senior roles. Financial Times  UK – 8 March

The future world order 
(Reprinted from INSEAD Knowledge)
According to INSEAD Affiliate Professor of Strategy and International Business Michael Witt, with globalisation on the ropes and a hegemon in decline, prevalent political science theories suggest a conflictual future. Education Post Hong Kong – 7 March

Digital is having a broad impact on organisations: Professor Peter Zemsky
Professor Peter Zemsky, Dean of Executive Education and Deputy Dean of INSEAD, signed a MoU with the Times Centre for Learning Ltd to launch executive education programmes in India. He commented:’ As more and more industries face digital disruption, traditional organisations need to be proactive in helping their employees embrace the change’. The Economic Times India –  7 March

Stay Ahead
INSEAD Professor of Economics, Antonio Fatas, comments on the business sentiment of companies and economic development in Asia. He also elaborates on Europe’s outlook relating to recent political developments. Channel NewsAsia Singapore – 4 March