2022 Business As A Force For Good Awards – Meet The Judges Interview Series #7

Introducing Boby Johnson EMBA’16Dec – IAA Singapore Diversity & Inclusion and CEO of Banalytics.

What were your key takeaways after graduating from INSEAD in relation to having a positive social impact on the community? I learned that every support and give-back can have a life-long impact on others. And it doesn’t matter how big or small you start, it’s all about the mindset and willingness to do good and give back to the society beyond making profits; it’s all about stakeholders and not just shareholders.

What do you believe are the critical elements for a business to act as a force for good? Making the act of ‘Business as Force For Good’ part of your DNA, part of what you stand for as a business. It doesn’t matter what you say or how much you make it part of your strategy, it’s not enough! It ​must be part of your DNA as a business, part of your mission, not just a strategy or business model.

What key Business BAFG principles would you like businesses in Singapore to embrace? There are so many BAFG principles, steps or actions businesses in Singapore can embrace. I think BAFG principles should be different for every business, but the most important thing is for every business to find their social purpose and make it part of their mission; Go beyond your Environmental, Social, Governance initiatives (if you have one!) because that is not enough!

What are some specific actions employees should do to enable a positive social impact on our community? Don’t wait for anyone before doing something, BAFG can also start with you as an employee. Of course it makes things easier if your company has a BAFG mission and vision, but you can be that change agent for BAFG within your organization. You can start by raising awareness about BAFG and bring more people along with you. It’s good to always start close to home, like creating a social program directly or indirectly (partnership) within your local community.

What were the main reasons for accepting an invitation to be an IAA Singapore BAFG judge? First of all, I think it’s amazing to see first-hand how all the candidates are really stepping up and showcasing their BAFG accomplishments; personally, it’s enriching and I learn from every single one of them. And lastly, it’s also a way for me to give back and to advocate and contribute to BAFG ideas.

Meet the judges interview series

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