Key Dates for Alumni Events and Alumni News

The New Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi

A new era begins for our Middle East Campus with a move to a new facility in Abu Dhabi’s recently established international financial centre, ADGM Square. Although the new facility has similar usable area as our prior facility, the layout over two large floors offers significant operational enhancements and quality of facilities. The new location in the financial centre is described as “Abu Dhabi’s business and lifestyle destination” with luxury retail and dining experiences as well as world-class healthcare.

The faculty and staff on the Middle East Campus look forward to welcoming all of the presidents for the upcoming October Alumni Volunteers meeting.


Update on Lifelong Learning

As part of the IAA and INSEAD’s commitment to deliver more services to IAA/NAA members we are pleased to share that we have curated a series of innovative and impactful online and in-person lifelong learning experiences for alumni.  There are exclusive discounts available to members, at up to 40% off the regular price of the course.  A range of webinars that are free to IAA/NAA members are also on offer from industry experts and leaders in management education.  Please see the new section of the INSEAD website dedicated to lifelong learning and be sure to help promote the offerings in your communications.

2016/2017 Fundraising Results

INSEAD donors’ generosity and dedication to the school has continued to increase significantly. The 2016/2017 fiscal year closed with a total of €30.38M raised in new commitments – a 28% increase over last year’s €23.76M results. The total number of donors has risen by 9% over last year, due in part to the success of the Salamander Challenge and INSEAD’s inaugural Giving Day on February 21st. This incredible collaboration between the IAA and the IAF resulted in over 700 gifts across 56 countries, building momentum and raising awareness about the importance of investing in INSEAD.