Bilanz Gives 5 Stars to IPEC’s Investing in Asia Panel Event

Be Humble!

Business magazine Bilanz reported on the recent IPEC “Investing in Asia” panel discussion event in Zürich. We translated the one pager into English, and you can read the original German here (pdf)bilanzjpg.

If Big Shots start talking about their experiences in Asia, the result is highly concentrated know-how, and that was the case when the INSEAD Private Equity Club (IPEC) invited André Hoffmann, VP Roche and Givaudan, Jack Clemons, CEO of shoe company Bata, Johannes Müller, CEO of Dätwyler Cabling Solutions, and architect Andries Diener (Diener Syz Real Estate) to a panel discussion to talk about their investments in Asia.

As intriguing as the anecdotes are, so simple are the lessons: those who will be successful in China must above all be humble and eager to learn, according to Diener. A multi-level management and internal communication system to prevent corruption, doesn’t hurt either. “It is not enough to have only a Swiss CFO in place,” added Mülller.

Byline: Karin Kofler/Text; Markus Senn/Photos

Bilanz Auftritt Report Card

  •  Information quality = 5 stars
  •  Networking opps = 3 stars
  •  Entertainment factor = 4 stars
  •  Market Capitalizations = 2 stars