Announcing the Salamander Road Challenge 2014

The Dutch INSEAD Alumni Association announced this week that registration open for its third foray into Salamander Road Challenge rally. It is a social event for INSEAD alumni, and their co-drivers with lots of beautiful routes to cover and picturesque villages to enjoy enroute to Fontainebleau.

Start: Friday June 20 2014 10:00 Tilburg area the Netherlands
Finish: Saturday June 21 2014 18:00 Insead Campus Fontainebleau France

All cars are allowed, bring your favourite junker, klunker, cabriolet, classic, sports car or lease car. This is not about speed, it’s all about your navigation skills and your ability to enjoy the scenery and the informal contacts with your fellow alumni during the breaks.

Fee: 600 euro a car (2p) including 2 lunches for two, 2 dinners for two and 1 night hotel room for two

[important]Open for all INSEAD Alumni associations, if there are more than 15 cars joining by the 1st of May, the event will take place, if there are not, new try in 2015![/important]

Interested? Mail to inseadalumni (at)

First Reunion in Valais for MBA’12 Alums

Jacque Boppe

On the 3rd weekend of January, the INSEAD MBA class of December 2012 had its first Winter Weekend Reunion in Anzère, Valais, Switzerland. Fifty-one classmates and their partners flew-in from Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Dubai, Dublin, Mumbai, Munich, New York and Nuremberg, a testimony to the diversity of INSEAD graduates.

Two days of skiing in the mountains of Valais, and a special revival of the “Section Olympic Games”, along with a traditional Swiss Cheese fondue dinner, made the first reunion a success, according to the Jacques Boppe (MBA ’12) who organized the event, along with Karim Atallah (MBA’ 12), Ludovic Choppin (MBA ’12) and Magali Larangot (MBA ’12). “We are all gearing up for the next Winter Weekend Reunion: same weekend, same place!” said Jacques Boppe.

Class 12D_Winter Weekend Reunion_Group_Jan2014

Class 12D Valais Winter Weekend Reunion January 2014

Go Beyond the Crowdsourcing Headlines

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Learn more about crowd platforms from veteran Simon Schneider, CEO of zyncd, at Geneva Chapter’s first luncheon conference of the year. [/pullquote]Accenture just published a new report identifying the six most disruptive enterprise trends (see Accenture Technology Vision 2014) and crowdsourcing figures prominently in its discussion of the (r)evolution from workforce to crowdsource and how it creates a borderless enterprise. It is hard not to miss the buzzwords crowdsourcing and crowdfunding when reading the news these days.

Here’s a quick list of some headlines in the past week from a range of scientific and mass media publication.

Sharing the wealth: is crowdsourcing about charity or getting things …[The Courier.UK]
Crowdsourcing gains traction as a resource in legal practice [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
Kickstarter And Crowdsourcing Are Rapidly Coming Of Age [INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY]

The use of crowd platforms is an emerging trend with potential to make an impact on inducrowdblog1stries, service organizations, including NGOs, and diverse socio-economic groups around the world. Learn more about the trend and how it can affect your business at the upcoming INSEAD Alumni Association Switzerland’s Luncheon Conference (click to register) on February 13 in Geneva, featuring crowd platforms veteran Simon Schneider, CEO of zyncd (formerly an executive with InnoCentive and board member of Crowdhut).

Simon will describe how it started with crowdsourcing (ask the crowds for their ideas), then crowdfunding (ask the crowd for their money). And he will answer the question: with crowdsourcing and crowdfunding gaining momentum globally, what’s next?

[notice]Please register & purchase tickets online before February 11th[/notice]

The Lure of Private Equity for MBAs

23.01The best MBA graduates are the target of private equity firms and hedge funds who offer above average compensation packages to seal the deal, according to Poet&Quants.  The median base salary for those MBAs who make it in private equity is USD 150,000, which is USD 25,000 more than the median for the entire graduating class. For example, of the 37.9% of Columbia’s Class of 2013 that ventured into finance, 3.2% were “lucky enough to land a PE job”, says the report. Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business placed 2% of last year’s grads in private equity, where the median starting salary also was $150,000, higher than any other financial category.

INSEAD’s latest data on grad recruitment trends says that 12% of 2012’s graduates that were recruited into the Finance sector went into private equity. (See graphic).

Poets&Quants analyzed member profiles on LinkedIn to come up with a list of MBAs and top PE firms. The single largest PE employer of MBAs appears to be The Blackstone Group, followed by Bain Capital and The Carlyle Group. The results show that Harvard Business School has the most MBAs employed at the nine PE shops we studied, with 269 grads. Wharton comes next with 242 grads in place, while Columbia Business School is third with 133 MBAs.

For members interested in private equity, it is worth noting and attending the INSEAD Private Equity Club (IPEC) of Switzerland’s upcoming Evening Conference and Panel Discussion in Zurich on “Investment Opportunities for Swiss Enterprises in Asia“. Register here.

Geneva Chapter’s Talent & Innovation Event Now Online

Geneva’s first event of the year, Talent & Innovation, was a hit with more than 80 attendees on hand to hear five keynote speakers, including Bruno Lanvin, INSEAD, along with Xavier Comtesse, Avenir Suisse, Joël Claret, McKinsey & Co, and Fathi Derder, Member of Swiss National Council. Lanvin is passionate about academic research and its potential to make positive change and inspire action. He uses indices because “numbers have less baggage than words” (download his presentation here). His 30 minute talk delivers many surprising insights about the fierce global competition to innovate and how talent is the most important factor, not least of all, he describes what makes Switzerland’s top ranking traits hard to imitate. A panel discussion followed Lanvin’s presentation, moderated by François Schaller (editor-in-chief of L’Agefi). See the article about the event in L’Agefi (pdf)

Geneva Chapter volunteer, Ludovic Choppin, organized the event and edited the high quality video presented for your enjoyment here.