Program Co-Development « Manage your boss »


🗓️ A series of 7 sessions from Mars
👥 Limited to 7 participants
Members: 50€ – Only for Members
📍 Zoom

The quality of the relationship with your boss is jeopardizing your performance and your well-being at work. You have some difficulties to communicate with him/her. Misunderstandings, disagreements, lack of consideration.

He/She is in charge to determine your objectives/goals, to request from your tasks to be performed, to allocate resources, to assess your performance and to decide your bonus and salary,… So, managing properly the relationship with him/her is an essential prerequisite !

May be you have several  managers (direct, with matrix organization,…) and your daily business is more complicated or the current situation (with remote working) is more complicated.
We propose you here to discuss all of these situations throught co-development workshop to improve your relationship.

Co-development is a method for people able to learn from each other and who want to improve and develop their working skills. Workshops are organized by group to share experiences with other attendees. Sharing the issues, sharing the best practices,.. the attendees learn and move forward together. It will be facilitated by Dominique Flora

Open mindness, respectful, kindness and confidentiality are the pillars of « co-development. These workshops don’t aim at analyzing whether the situation of the attendee is an issue or not but rather understanding why each specific situation could be considered as an issue for a participant and helping him/her to find solutions.

–    Having a job
–    State of mind « sharing experience with the others »
–    Willingness to give and receive
–    Fill out the questionnaire before March 4th
–    Phone interview (circa 0,5 h)
–    Validation of the registration

–    7 sessions will take place (depending on the number of attendees)
–    Personal interview (to finalize the individual action plan).

AGENDA                                           Deadline
–    Registration                                   03.04.2024
–    Validation of the registrations   03.08.2024
–    Co-development program from     03.11.2024

–    Health and safety measures are still on-going => by videoconference (ZOOM)

* Schedule established in agreement with the participants.
Proposed times: during the lunch break (12:00PM and 2:30PM)

Dominique Flora (PSD’97Jun) an alumnus and experienced leadership coach will be facilitating this program. He brings over 30 years of experience in managing and coaching people. He has developed an expertise in HR, Sales and Marketing, Quality in France and abroad.