IDN Governance Club France

In an increasingly uncertain business environment, with pressures mounting on companies for economic survival, accelerated digital transformation and demands from stakeholders for a robust ESG strategy, boards are under a lot of pressure to respond rapidly and become more agile.

The IDN Governance Club France is created under the auspices of the INSEAD Alumni Association France and will serve INSEAD alumni who hold or aspire to hold board directorships and are interested in promoting best corporate governance practices in France and beyond. The Club is launched by Marina Niforos (INSEAD MBA99, IDP-C 2018), IDN Ambassador France, who will also act as President of the IDN Governance Club France.

The Club aims to provide a platform for its members to exchange with thought leaders, practitioners and peers and leverage the global reach of the INSEAD community.

The Club will liaise with the INSEADs Director Network, IDN, a global INSEAD alumni club since 2014 for International Board Directors that are INSEAD alumni originating from INSEAD Directors Programme (IDP-C) and which aims to facilitate contacts and share insights and experiences on international board topics.

IDN Governance Club France mission:

  • Adopt a global perspective of governance in accordance with the INSEAD values and brand
  • Facilitate networking and exchange with the global network of IDN Directors (an INSEAD Global Alumni Club) and its Ambassadors
  • Promote the continuous access to thought leadership for its members, with an operational and practical approach, and support Directors in the increasingly complex exercise of their duties
  • Collaborate with the INSEAD Corporate Governance Center to ensure a global mindset and the mutual exchange among academic scholars and practitioners

Given the recent COVID-19 crisis, the IDN Governance Club will commence with a series of Digital Encounters on Corporate Governance. We propose to host our first online event with Professor Enrico Diecidue, co-Director of the International Directors Program at INSEAD, on Decision Making in Times of Crisis.


Marina Niforos (MBA99D, IDP-C 2018)  [email protected]

Thibaut de Godemar

Alain Deniau

Sylvie Matz

Natasha Rostovtseva

Karin Tylenius


  • How well are boards positioned to provide oversight of ESG? | Jul 5, 2022 

  • Impact – Un enjeux de Compétitivité : Regards croisés publique-privé

avec Olivia GREGOIRE, Secrétaire d’Etat chargée de l’économie sociale, solidaire et responsable

et Thibaud Hug de Larauze, PDG BackMarket  🗓️ Mardi 14 septembre 2021


Event of March 8 2021, Fit for Generations: How to successfully Create and Lead a Family Business Board






Event of February 9th 2021, coorganized with OCGC and Spencer Stuart





Event of December 7th 2020 with Enrico Diecidue, coorganized with ICGC.